Single Action

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Karl: I would like to take up a bit more of your time to ask a few questions about your ideal single action revolver. First of all, what would you start with as a basis for your ideal, a Colt or a newer version such as a Ruger or Freedom Arms or the like?
Would you opt for the fixed sight version, ala Colt or Ruger Vaquero or an adjustable sight model like the New Frontier or a Ruger Blackhawk.
What caliber, 44 (Special or Magnum) or Colt .45
Now the big question- what would you do to the action-what is usually refered to as "Tuning" ?
What do you think the grips should be like, slim, thicker such as palm swell or what profile?
I am basically just trying to find out what you think would be good for most shooters trying to get both close range accuracy and still be able to shoot long range when needed. So I may not be asking the right things but would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks, Chris