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Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse (didn't see where this was brought up before)
Local gunshop had in one of the Lipseys 4 inch bisley stainless 44 mags..... I want one so bad I can taste it  .... they sold it before I could scrape together the cash.... any one in the know ?  Are they just starting to flow and we'll see more? Or gonna be scarce as hens teeth and go back to the original plan of saving up for Ham
Bowen to make me one out of a 7.5........  Likey go to him for action and sights regardless.  
Same topic  more or less      anybody know of a source for a stainless bisley frame that will fit a single six  (I'd like to replace the frame on a convertible)
Love the Bisley   just feels good in my hand.....

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