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Happy Memorial Day Shooters,
I trust it was a safe and enjoyable one as well as one that gave you pause for those who've made it possible.
Speaking of one who is doing so at the moment, a guy who will be missing our annual get-together for the first time; Ed Parry, currently Lt. Col. Edward J. Parry, will be "about as far out on the goat trail as one can get" in Afghanistan next weekend.
While our "Goat-Herder-in-Chief" manages to supply his troops with the necessities to conduct politically correct activities there, it's up to us to provide the little comforts of home.  Ed reports ample supplies of cookies, dry socks, briefs & sweaters.  What they're short of is reading material.  Manly stuff.  The dog eared, out dated copies of "O", GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, LADIES HOME JOURNAL and BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS were thoroughly consumed, possibly memorized, before Ed arrived.  It's not as if they can run into town to Barnes & Noble over there.
Hearing this, a number of us launched an effort, clearing our shelves of current issues of gun magazines.  Some even sacrificed dusty back issues.  Our cupboards are bare.  What is needed are paperback books and magazines about any of the myriad subjects guys like:  cars, mechanics, guns, girls, airplanes, motorcycles, hang gliding, souring, sports, extreme sports, you get the picture.  Bring them to the shoot.  I'll get them to him.  If you can't come, let me know and I'll give you Ed's address so you can send them yourself.  NOTE!  Be sure to remove all address labels!
I'm looking forward to seeing you Saturday,
Will DeRuyter

Here are some notes for those of you heading this way in the next day or so.
Ed Nettles, Chairman in Charge of Weather this year, has done an exemplary job.  According to a consensus of three forecasting services I follow, the monsoons are scheduled to end at 6:00 pm on Thursday and we'll have fair skies through the weekend.  The high temperature on Saturday will be 74, low Saturday evening during "Lying & Bragging Hours" will be 46.  Perfect!  Thanks Ed.
Lest you forget, someone will be going home with this:
Engraved Smith & Wesson Model 29 44 Magnum Revolver
And someone else will be going home with this:
Smith & Wesson Model 18 Combat Masterpiece 22 caliber revolver.
Photos by Larry McMillian
These are in addition to a plethora of additional valuable prizes.
Two new sponsors include:
Bruce Thom of BAT Machine, makers of precision rifle actions used by those needing the ultimate in accuracy for hunting or target shooting.
Randy Wilson of Randy Wilson Insurance Agency,, who offers special policies for CCW holders as well as a full range of insurance products.
Those over 30 and those who've not been here before will want to Google my address and print a map to get here.  Those with GPS's can do their own thing.  Those with Blue Buttons can let the nice folks at OnStar lead the way.  The rest of you will have to get a road map or call me.  I'll answer if I hear my phone.
Please review the attachment again.  Upon arrival, check in at the Registration Table.  You will receive a name tag upon registration.  You must receive a safety briefing from the Chief Range Officer, Al Fernandez, before proceeding to the firing line.  A mark will be made on your name tag when you have received the safety briefing.  Your name tag must be visible at all times during the day. 
A second mark will be made on your name tag by John Parry when your photo has been taken for the Championship Certificate you will receive after the event.
This is shaping up to be one of the best shoots we've enjoyed to date.  I'm looking forward to seeing you Saturday!
Will DeRuyter