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Hello all, my name is Jake Benson/aka jbenson1150. Last fall I had action issues that needed to be figured out on a very special (to me) Smith and Wesson 27-2. The gun was binding up and another gunsmith couldn't figure it out. I have been reading John Taffin articles for quite some time and looked into Buckhorn Gun and Pawn's gun smithing services. I made the 100 mile journey to Boise and found that these guys know their stuff! I was really impressed with their customer service and quality of work. The gun runs beautiful now and the price of fixture was more than reasonable. Later,I had them machine a colt slide and install better sights. They did a superb job that looked as great as the better sights performed. Ive utilized a couple different smiths in the past and have gotten knots in my stomach every time my gun is altered in any way. Buckhorn has solved that issue for me.
If you are in need of a good smith these guy's are the only folks I'm dealing with in the future.

Thank you Buckhorn and Thank you Mr.Taffin