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Yesterday, I was attacked by the same or similar virus that got ACE and Gunsmith.
you get warnings similar to:
If you see this, you are pretty much screwed. I have pretty sophisticated protection, and it went through my defenses like a hot knife through butter.  In addition to completely gagging up the system, it also resets all your folders to “Hidden”, so if you boot in “Safe” mode, go to Start>Programs> it shows “none”.  As a bonus, it included at no extra charge a “redirect” virus that made my browser useless, so searching the net for a fix proved useless.  As you can see, everything is all well now, but it took me 4-5 hrs to scrape this nasty thing off my drive, and most people will end up wiping their drive clean  and reinstalling EVERYTHING .
I suggest at a minimum downloading the free version of:
and install.
If you get the virus, you can run it from safe mode and it may fix the problem. I removed the virus manually, not having this program, but after install it cleaned up the stuff I left behind.
You will still probably need to manually reset all your folder permissions.
Also, get a external drive and do weekly backups.
Here's  little article on it:
Windows Fix Disk virus gets inside of the system due to certain leaks in the system security and other gaps and vulnerabilities in the defense system of your PC. However, its infiltration might also take place when user is simply surfing the web, by occasional clicking of some unsafe links that might contain the infection files, or due to intentional download of some files from unsafe resourses, which, again, might contain the malicious codes or installation files of this malware. Whatever the case might be, you may draw the following conclusions of the above-mentioned virus infiltration. First one is that you need to have some decent anti-virus installed on your computer which would create the reliable shield against all possible virus interventions. Second conclusion is that you should be careful with what sites you visit and what programs you decide to download. Windows Fix Disk virus, in order to infiltrate inside of the machine, does not take your opinion into considration. Thus, it installs itself without your consent or approval of such actions. Immediately upon successful installation Windows Fix Disk virus would let you know about its presence. It would arrange plenty of fake system scans that would report plenty of system errors and other problems with your computer. These fake scans would be accompanied by many popup ads which are indeed very annoying for many users. However, this is just the beginning of all malicious actions which Windows Fix Disk virus performs on your system. Windows Fix Disk virus would make most of your files and folders hidden, and you would indeed not even recognize your PC. In addition, Windows Fix Disk virus would change the desktop theme of your preference, so you would see simply the black screen in front of you. With so many errors reported by Windows Fix Disk virus (even though they are all fake) many users get really scared. They start thinking that their computer is indeed in danger and must be cured. This is when Windows Fix Disk virus offers itself as a supposed remedy for fixing all bugs with your PC. However, it would first ask you to pay for its registered version, otherwise Windows Fix Disk does not guarantee that the problems and errors will be fixed. We want to warn you in advance not to be tricked in such a manner. Windows Fix Disk virus is not able to fix the real errors and problems with your PC. The problems it states are all fake. As for the hidden files and folders - this is the job of Windows Fix Disk scam. Do not ever buy Windows Fix Disk. No matter what version you have of this program - full or trial - Windows Fix Disk is a malware that must not be tolerated.