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It's September and getting to be fall around where I live and that means hunting! When I was a boy September was back to school month but it was also the start of the best season of the year,HUNTING SEASON! I started my hunting life out by carrying a Daisy B-B gun and wearing a fake back tag I made out of colored paper so I could look like a real hunter; I was too young to buy a real license. When I got a little older I graduated to a .22 rifle and a small game license and cottontail rabbits with an occasional squirrel were my trophies. When I turned 14 I was old enough to hunt the real game, deer, more specifically, Michigan whitetail deer. I didn't have a rifle so my shotgun with slugs was my weapon of choice. I didn't get a deer for several years but that didn't matter because it was in my blood for good. Back in those days deer were scarce and just to see one, doe or buck, was like heaven and I was lucky enough to see a few and that fueled my desire to keep on hunting. Today I have deer in my back yard and they are everywhere with some of the highest deer populations I have ever seen and it is relatively easy to see a shootable deer but I still get a rapid heartbeat and a rush of adrenalin when I see a deer, it's still in my blood to this day. So September is one of the best months of the year. This doesn't have much to do with sixguns or shooting but that shouldn't matter because hunting is about guns too. CHRIS