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Christmas       12-2-16
       To understand Christmas you need to believe! You need to believe that Jesus Christ was a real person and also the son of God. Christmas celebrates his birth and we celebrate this day as a remembrance of his gift to us and that is part of the reason we give gifts on this day.
       From the moment of conception we are dealt the hand we are destined to play for the rest of our lives. I believe in God and the preordained circumstances that guide my life, often unbeknownst to me, on the course set in motion by my creator. Whether others believe or not doesn’t matter because my belief is strong and I feel God wouldn’t have put us here unless his grand plan had a path for everyone to follow on earth.
       That’s enough of my preaching but now we can think about the Christmas gifts we can give and some we wish we would receive. The Second Amendment was a gift from our founding Fathers and whatever their real life faults may or may not have been they believed God gave us inalienable rights and self defense was one of those rights. A gift for a relative or friend might be an enrollment in a CCW or self defense class.
       For the hunter a gift might be a gift certificate to an outdoor store like Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop. You could take a novice hunting and teach him or her what hunting is really all about. Hunters are also fisherman sometimes so a fishing related gift is also welcome under the tree. There is also nothing wrong with gifting a treasured firearm to a son or daughter or relative as legacy to remember you by.
       There is an endless possibility for gifts at Christmas and whether giving or receiving any gift is a welcome. I remember some of the gifts I’ve received over the years and whether expensive store bought or a simple homemade gift they all came from the heart with love and I’ve appreciated every one of them.
       No matter how you feel about faith Christmas is a time to remember those around us and give the gift of love to all.

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Merry Christmas, Chris

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