Colt .357 New Frontier build timing verification and factory grips

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I just purchased a Colt New Frontier .357 Mag. and I'm trying to find out the date of manufacture and locate/purchase the grips that came with it from the factory (or a close reproduction). It has never been fired and it has pearl grips with the Colt badging. I'm pretty sure the original grips were wood, but I would like something other than pearl. I see they have grips by frame alpha designation, but I'm not sure what the designation is for this gun.
Any and all input is appreciated.


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The best way to determine year of manufacture is to compare the s/n with any Colt guide that covers the NF. S/n is found in front of the trigger guard.
Standard issue stocks for all NF are wood with Colt medallions. However, some second generation NF were available with standard black rubberized polymer found on regular SAA's. Colt always has offered optional stocks, although real pearl has been unavailable for many decades. It is likely that your pearl stocks are synthetic, especially if they are fitted with medallions.
Sounds like a nice Colt. Enjoy it.