Colt SAA 44-40

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Ordering new production Custom Shop Black Powder Frame 44-40 with 4 3/4 barrel. I know it will have bird's eye ejector.  Should I request any specific lettering, etc.?
I want it to look like old Black Powder SAA, but I do not have funds to actually duplicate the old models. If I did, I would own the real thing!  Need some help!

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Interesting project... a dummy like me out, is this a kit or an assembled revolver?

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Frontier Six Shooter

G., make sure it is lettered "Frontier Six Shooter", or "Colt Frontier Six Shooter",and 44 WCF.

I believe it was Marlin that chambered Winchester cartridges, but hated giving them credit, and it was Marlin that changed the moniker of the 44 WCF to the 44-40. On some long guns, Colt would letter the caliber as 44, and omit the "WCF", for "Winchester Central Fire", yet as far the SAA was concerned, they always included the "WCF".
The Frontier Six Shooter debut was I believe, 1876. The only caliber for this gun was the 44 WCF. I have seen some barrels marked "Colt Frontier Six Shooter", while most I've observed omitted the manufacturers' name.  
The first gen black powder guns were really considerably different from what is available today. They featured heavy mainsprings for sure ignition, large fluted cylinders with tapered throats to prevent bullet pull, and rounded edges to allow fouling to build up without tying up the gun. The forgings were not as good as today, although the fit and finish was often of five star quality. First gen guns also combined a wide array of interesting to strange customer requested features, from odd combinations of silver-and even gold plating, to full blue, partial blue, and so on. Guns in these days could very easily be turned into personal statements, and many certainly were.
Anyhow, your project sounds great, best wishes!

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Like Mak suggests, I'd ask

Like Mak suggests, I'd ask they put Colt Frontier Six Shooter on the bbl. The .44-40/ .44WCF is the only ctg Colt gave it's own name. It'd be nice to have that on the bbl. I'd also ask it be etched in, not stamped in. That'd be really classy.The .44-40 is a great ctg. & a lot of fun to work with, I think you'll enjoy it.