Couple of .38 Spec. Colts

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Hello first post on this very interesting site!  Got bit bad by the .38 Spec. bug this year...late last winter, I purchased a circa 1905 7 1/2" Colt Bisley.  Brl. marked .38 Colt.. Cyl. early 2nd. gen .38 Spec.  Bore is near mint..and a bonus having .356 groove dia.  cyl. throats are .359.  Been playing with light loads of Hercules Bullseye and old Ideal 360344 wadcutters cast soft.  I have to limit charges to about 3.0grs. in order for it to shoot to sights.  Later in summer, I purchased a 1913 Colt Officers model target..also with 7 1/2" tube.   This one also has near mint bore & tight .355 groove & .358 throats.  So far I have been sizing bullets to their throat dia. with virtually no leading using my soft home brewed lube.  The weather turned too cold for further testing to see if I could use .358 dia. slugs with same results thru Bisley..have to wait till Spring I guess.

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