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Howdy, I have not posted in a while,  but I wanted to garner the opinion of members here. I have been shooting a lot of double action lately (SW 60-15 and Colt 357 and GP 100)-- then dusted off my peacemaker clone. Is it fair to say that single actions handle felt recoil better than DA's in equivalent calibers and loads in similar weight guns? Seems that way to me.

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Seems That Way

I tend to agree although I'm not sure what makes a SA feel better. The classic opinion is that the SA grip allows recoil to pivot the barrel up and the grip to roll in the hand dispersing recoil better than the DA which tends to drive recoil straight back before the barrel goes up. I'm not a scientist or ballistic engineer but if feeling better with a SA makes shooting easier than I'm for it. I tend to shoot my Colt SA's more anyway. Chris S

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I'm probably the odd man out

I'm probably the odd man out here but the S&W service stocks do better for me than any single action grip I've tried.

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