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I bought a couple of last years Lipsey special edition 44 Special revolvers. These were the first specials and had the XR3 grip frame. Fine guns, but I'm used to my large frame Bisleys and these grips are just too short. I called Ruger about changing to the Bisley grip frame used on the current Lipsey specials and they said they didn't do that but would be glad to sell me the parts for $265 WHEN they get some in stock. My question is does anyone know of a grip maker who makes/sells extended stocks. I have something similar in my Herrett Super Blackhawk stocks, but they are bigger in every dimension. 

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Don't feel bad. I actually

Don't feel bad. I actually like the "original" frame but I have a Blackhawk sitting here that has not been a whole gun in about eight years. It's a .45 that I had for years. The transfer bar gave up the ghost and I dissembled it and ordered a new one. wehn I ordered it the place I ordered from (name witheld fo decorum sake) listed a complete Bisley conversion and I thought "why not?"Ii ordered it. The transfer bar came, the rest was backordered, I waited finally I was told the parts were "unavailable". I put the gun in the drawer and got busy with other things. I tried again when they said they hand  the parts and did the same dance again.  I am stubborn. I am going to try again after the first of the year. My fault for letting it sit without thinking about it for months but I am busy with the ones that are all together.

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Try Tim Perkes. Google "Tim

Try Tim Perkes. Google "Tim Perkes grip gallery" to see his work. He is making a set for a Bisley in American Holley for me. Nice guy. Beautiful wood selection. Reasonable prices.
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