Haven't been around, been busy "forty-four'ing"

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Between having company (when summer comes and you live "on the coast" you suddenly have lots of friends and relatives), and playing with some new beauties I have been a bit remiss in checking the Forum.
I have declared this to be "The summer of .44"
I was bemoaning to my wife about missing the Elmer Keith Memorial, and how I wished I had the right handgun for the event. (OK, you got me, I did have a 4" 629, a 4 5/8 flattop .44 Spl, and the 6 1/2 flattop magnum) but.... Anyway, she presented me with a Charter Bulldog Short barrel as a pre-"Father''s day" gift (I think I mentioned it in another thread) For the actual Father's day, she held out a surprise. A 6" pinned and recessed, nickled 29, with wooden box and all (althought the lining in the box was "gone").
I am going to attempt to impose on our moderator to post the photos for me as I have not started a new account with a hosting service yet.
To cut to the chase, I am spending free time trying to work up loads that are somewhat "universal" between the guns.  I will use the Bulldog load as a "light" load for the others, then a stout load for the Ruger .44 spl and so on up the ladder. I am not going to push things in the 29, and just a good hunting load for the Ruger magnum.
I need to, probably, use different bullets to make the loads visually identifiable, but I am trying to ostick to the same powder, 2400 or unique, at the moment. Just having fun and using it as a reason to get away from the "guests" and go up in the hills rather than shoot at my range "and disturb everyone".
BTW I stubled onto the perfect shoulder gun companion to a good .44 for "brush popping", the other day. A very nice Savage 24C in .22/20 ga, with a custom, local made, Myrtlewood stock. (skinned a smart alec dealer in the process $265)
I will go ahead and post now and prevail upon the good graces to get the pics up.

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No problema.

Got up this morning just to post some more gun photos on Sixguns.com!
(You can host your photos here as well, image button, upload, resize, insert, insert, but always happy to help--AL)

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my brush popping .44 & gear


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Nice 29

That's sure a good looking 29. Got the right one, too. I really like the N-frames. Sweet triggers, and they always seem to be sweet about hitting where I'm looking. I have a 44 Special model 1950 and a 45 Colt Model 25-5. I sometimes think about trading off the 25-5, but luckily, I always remember my own advice, never get rid of a gun. Just add.

Don't worry. Be happy.