Hello to all my old pals

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Brandon Harrison
Joined: 07/16/2011

I haven't been on a gun forum for a few years now; never really found a new home after sixgunner went away.  I have internet access again now in my home (new) and have looked around a little here.  It seems as though this place is kind of quite and cozy.  I hope I can call it home like I did the sixgunner forum.
I haven't been buying ot shooting a lot of sixguns or anything lately, but I still love mine and still think  that nothing beats a big chunk of lead out of a 5 or 6 holed cylinder for self defence or utility.
Special hello to JT, and any old friends from Joels place.  I hope to get to read your thoughts again.

Thanks Harrison
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Glad you found your way here.

We are always open to compliments and this is a quiet and cozy forum because we all like the same things and enjoy sharing with others who enjoy the same. We don't feel the need to brow beat anyone so all comments are welcome. Please join in anytime. Chris