Marlin out of bussiness?

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I just heard through the grapevine that Marlin,  or rather Remington has quit producing Marlins. Does anyone know if its true?
Since they moved the company the quality of their work has really gone down hill. The only nice gun at the NRA show this spring was the long barreled cowboy in 45.70, but it was made at the old factory.

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Quality Control Issues?

Possibly it's because of those quality issues that they are regrouping. Also hopefully, they will be in back production once those issues are dealt with, only time will tell. Chris

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Marlins are still available locally, of course, this does not mean they are still viable. The latest issue of ST has a review on a new Marlin, and in it they mention poor wood to metal fit, and gritty, rough action-a lot to take from a $1,000+ MSRP. Remington really pissed me off when they did a Winchester to Marlin. Up until they closed the Marlin plant, Marlin leverguns were great buys-solid, well built, well made machines. Currently, I don't believe they are worth the asking price. Remington took the brand and dragged it through the mud. If you need a Marlin, get one made BEFORE they were killed by their parent company.