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Does anybody shoot CB ammo in their .22 caliber single action revolvers?  I have two Heritage Rough Riders and two Ruger .22 six  shooters and like to shoot in my outback area without attracting a lot of attention from any neighbors.  Has anybody used this ammo in their revolvers, and if so, what kind of groupings were you getting at what distance.  I recently shot CCI 22 Long & Short CB ammo in both Heritage models at 33 feet using 10M NRI targets and 6 in. Shoot N' C targets and the grouping for these was very poor, but I am not sure if it is the ammo or the revolvers.  I will repeat the test using the two Rugers in the next few days.

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We shoot the super colibri primer powered 22  out of a variety of 22s, rifle and pistol for indoor and backyard fun, their regular does not do well in the rifles but the super shoots and groups well at 30-40 ft. Haven't tried the CB's

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Accuray Poor

I used to shoot CB caps in my Colt Scout but they were not very accurate beyond about five to ten feet and if you shoot enough of them they crud up the cylinder so you need to clean it before you shoot the longer cartridges. CB and BB caps were primarily gallery cartridges I believe and as such were not intended for long range or much accuracy. I have an antique CB cap revolver that was made in the 1860's or 70's and it is simply a purse or belly gun of that era. That is just my experience and I may be wrong as to origins and uses. Chris S

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Addition to my post

Today I shot a New Model Single Six revolver using various types of "CB" ammo.  All shots were fired two handed with an arm rest.  The results are as follows:
6" Shoot N' C Tgt...33 Ft...6 rds...2.47"...54/60...90%---.22 Colibri
6" Shoot N' C Tgt...33 Ft...6 rds...1.34"...57/60...95%---.22 Super Colibri
8" Shoot N' C Tgt...50 Ft...6 rds...4.31"...51/60...85%---.22 Colibri
8" Shoot N' C Tgt...50 Ft...6 rds...6.36"...51/60...85%---.22 Super Colibri
10m NRI Tgt...33 Ft...6 rds...2.28"...34/60...57%---CCI 22 CB Short
On the Shoot N' C targets, POA was 6 O'clock on the red center.  On the NRI target POA was 6 O'clock on the black.  Compared to my shooting the two Heritage revolvers I shot over the last few days using both CCI 22 CB Short & Long, the Ruger is by far the best, and when I adjust the sights for one distance or another it will shoot even better, something I can't do on the Heritage.
Anyone want to buy a couple of Heritage .22 caliber revolvers cheap so I can add a Ruger Bearcat to my collection!  Like they say, "you get what you pay for."
Semper Fi!

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22 short

 I have been messing with CCI cb rounds and Remington high velocity short golden bullets in my browning bl22 and at 20' the thing will put all of them in the same hole (I use a chipmunk target and poke the eye out). 
I have shot a few out of my two rough riders but not for accuracy it was just to see how loud they were in my garage...pretty loud out of a handgun.
I do intend to give them a try out of the sixguns my next trip to the range, so we will see.

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