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I am putting this question out because I believe there are quite a few Uberti fans who peruse here. Does anyone have any experience with, knowledge of, or useful information concerning the Uberti Callahan? It seems to me that they are naming this SAA in .44 mag. after Mr. Eastwoods Dirty Harry character. Some years ago a working hand from up in Wyo. claimed to have one, and if I recall correctly, he was a little unhappy with the gun's penchant for piercing primers. Wondering out loud if this is the same gun in different clothes-thus with the same problem(s), or if it is new & improved?
Fire away...

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Didn't Dirty Harry....

....have a S&W 29? Long way from SAA. Sorry to stray from topic!

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I just looked at the Uberti website and they show the Callahan as a fixed or adjustable sight version of the 1873 revolver line. It is 44 magnum caliber. They show other names such as Chisholm, Desperado, Cattleman, Frisco etc. So the only association I guess you could make to Dirty Harry is the 44 magnum caliber. As far as quality and primer piercing I don't know. Never owned one.  The website shows they are part of Benelli. Chris

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So, MAK, we meet again.

Here's what I found:
"ACCOKEEK, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)- Berti is pleased to introduce the “Callahan”—a
six-shooter that, in the hands of a lawman, might have made the mean streets of 1800s Dodge City, Kansas a little “kinder and gentler.”
The Callahan is Uberti’s beefed-up version of the 1873 Cattleman that’s chambered in the present-day caliber made famous by San Francisco movie-cop, “Dirty” Harry Callahan—the powerful .44 Magnum.
This distinctive single-action comes with one-piece satin walnut grips, a blued barrel, frame and cylinder and is offered with 4 ¾-, 6- and 7 ½-inch barrels.
Two styles of sights are offered with the Callahan, which include either fixed or adjustable rear sights with a standing-post front sight.
This new, more powerful chambering offers single-action enthusiasts hunting capabilities as well as being an excellent gun for home defense or competitive target shooting.
Uberti is well known for re-creating popular variations of the Colt SAA, considered by many to be the most admired handgun ever designed—and the Callahan is no exception."
Sounds a little bit of a stretch to me. So, why didn't Ruger use that in the Super Blackhawk?

Don't worry. Be happy.

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More or less

Al, you're correct about the movie gun, of course. Guess the Italians figured the 44 mag and Dirty Harry could tide them over the skepticism of Americans.

As for the actual gun, I have never seen one, much less tried one out. Years ago, Uberti was all ready to release their .454 Casull SAA, and from what I heard, they did just that-in Canada. Never made it here, died a quiet death. Yet, they keep hinting at this .44 of theirs.
Something else I recall about description of that old Uberti 44 mag from years ago-do not ever try to load it hot!