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This might be a trivial question or in the wrong forum section, but has anyone looked at, purchased or shot any of the various UMAREX Colt pellet revolvers?  Although I have four .22 cal. and one .45 Long colt type revolvers, for various reasons I do not get to shoot them very often.  However recently I purchased several versions of the subject revolvers and now I can shoot daily in my backyard 50 foot range and no one is the wiser.

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Yes Indeed.

I actually received a Umarex Colt revolver for a gift a while back and was amazed at how closely it is to a real Colt SA. When we ran into the dreaded .22 ammo shortage I wanted to save what supply of .22 ammo I had and bought a Daisy CO2 rifle and shot pellets at my targets and it is fun. When I got the Umarex I was thrilled because it is simply like shooting my ..22 Colt Scout. It is a bit tedious to load each pellet one at a time into the cartridges but it is a lot of fun. Chris S