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I know this forum is quite low on opinions, mine included. But, I would like to hear some thoughts on my latest illness:
I am feeling a vague craving for another single action. 
I have been through several phases, but now I am narrowing my thoughts to:
1) an original Ruger Vaquero in .44 Magnum
2) a Freedom Arms 83 in .454 Casull
3) a Freedom Arms 97 in .44 Magnum.

Some additional info:
I am almost 70. I occasionally get an arthritic twinge in my right thumb joint. I only shoot my own cast bullets in revolvers; either 429421 in 44 or 454424 in 45. I rarely use a handgun for hunting.
There you go. Have at it.
All advice taken seriously, unless it concerns .41 Mag.


Don't worry. Be happy.

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Well Now

Mike, I tend to like your options except I like adjustable sights. Love the Ruger as a workable gun but I shoot so wild I need to be able to move the sight to match.  As far as caliber, the 454 can also shoot 45 Colt right???? Chris S

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F/A 83

I have a field grade, first generation. Dam fine shooter, had the firing pin bushing drilled out and a threaded one put in, about a 5 month turnaround at the F/A factory. Has a habit of sending the tip of the pin out the barrel if you dry fire, keep a couple of extra pins handy and use of snap caps recommended. I shoot 45 colt out of it, 260 gr XTP Mag's or FAFP's at about 1300 FPS, very comfortable load compared to the same bullets in a 454 case at around 2000 fps, but F/A says not  to. Clean cylinder first to remove build up when going back to full length brass to avoid excess pressure. F/A will build you a 45 Colt cylinder for about $300/ 6 months lead time. Every F/A cylinder is line bored and timed to particular gun, stamped with gun's serial #.
Thought about a 97, but in 44 special.
Friend has the Ruger original Vaquero, 45 Colt, bit of a handful with the full blow "Ruger/ Freedom Arms/ Thompson Contender only" loads. I'd assume the same would be true with the 44

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I totally concur on your

I totally concur on your choices...Freedom Arms are awesome, and I see one or two in my future...maybe when I
retire in a few years. .454 is a good choice because you can do the .45 Colt thing with them.