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Welcome to the forum. Chris S

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Historical Adventure

Thanks for letting me join your forum.
My Dad was an avid collector and left me his small collection when he passed several years ago.
I've come to appreciate the history and design of these guns which include an original 1873 Winchester Rifle (3rd Model)
.36 Cal 1861 Navy Colt and .44 Cal Remington in addition to a .50 Cal Hawken Buffalo Gun.
I look forward to communicating and learning more from the forum.
Best to All,


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Got my start with historical arms

My first love was muzzleloaders and historical BP arms. When I was 14 used some trapping money to buy a percussion .50. Then I found Dixie Gun Works and it was never the same. Wore out two brass frame .36 navies before I was 16. Carried them around the countryside in flap holsters with a civil war military belt and nobody thought much about it back then except I that was a goofy kid.
I keep and carry modern defensive arms because I am a realist, but they are no more exciting than a battery operated drill.