Welcome wildwes and beejek

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Welcome to the forum. Chris S

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Thanks !!

thanks for the welcome and hope some people keep this forum active !!
sixguns are dying or about dead down  here in south florida, wild west stuff forgotten, in lieu of

Glocks, ak's, and Black Gun's which are all the rage now. Did have a GREAT Civil War Collectors Show
Down in Pompano Beach about 2 weeks ago, it is a Twice a year event, and ALL the old stuff is there.
If you can afford $4000 Engraved Colts and Real Documented  Six Guns with factory letters, you will find them here,
along with a chance to fire a Gatling Gun, and a Re-enactors Camp next Door, it is all pretty neat.
Have a great end of summer and keep the faith fellow six gunners, beejek.