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I just purchased an S&W Model 66-7. I would like to send it in to a gunsmith to be worked on. Nothing extreme. Just to make it a little better for duty carry. 
I am thinking about sending it to S&W for their Master Revolver Action Package or Teddy Jacobson for his Street Reliability Package. I have never had such work done in the past and would like to know if any of you have and what I could expect from the two.

Chris Whatley

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I have been messing with S&Ws

I have been messing with S&Ws for a lot of years and, as with most guns, I hate to see someone get a gun and immediately think of shipping it off somewhere to have it made "Better". I always suggest that a shooter do the natural thing and shoot the heck out of it first. Now with revolvers it's a bit different than autos because there isn' the aftermarket parts and the modification packages, but shooting a revolver a good amount is the best way to leave tell tale wear marks on the innards that let a 'smith know where there might be potential problems. A hammer stud that looks fine but is slightly out of true will leave its own pattern on the hammer for instance.  I, after hard experience, am of course against having any springs trimmed or lightend for a variety of reasons. Now the people you have mentioned are not the type to do so, but I still throw that out for general info. Changing spring weights can be done successfully, no doubt of it but I am very hesitant to have anyone else try it on a gun that I and not they, will be carrying.
I just think you should give the gun a chance to smooth up, and at the same time give yourself a chance to get to know the gun and know what it is that you really NEED done to it. 
BTW stay away from 125 gn JHPs in any Smith "K" frame. It is not an old wives tale. Massad Ayoob has plenty of documentation about it and I have seen a few cases myself.  If you need a further explanation, just let me know. I 

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Thanks for the info. It is

Thanks for the info. It is not work that I think needs to be done it is work I would like to have done. This is something I would like to leave to my kids so to speak and would like it to be special that is the reason for sending it off. Nothing wrong with it just would like it to be a little different than every other 66.

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hi chris: i have two pistols

hi chris:
i have two pistols that were tuned by teddy, and his work is top-notch in my book!

thanks very much,
robert (13.45)
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