Sometimes your the ball, sometimes the bat

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David LaPell
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Last week I stopped by a local gunshop to look for some reloading supplies and I spotted along a shelf a Marlin rifle that turned out to be an 1894 in .44 Magnum. It it an older one without the crossbolt safety and has the saddle ring and plated trigger. The last owner didn't clean it ias well as he should and there was a bit of surface rust on the receiver. The bore is mint and the action smooth. The price, $150-
(Keep in mind this is a gunshop)
I picked it up yesterday and cleaned it up as best I could with the one good arm for now. Here it is, I will get a bit more on it as I go along.



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Major piece of equipment


Everybody deserves a good stroke every once in a while. I guess you've had your for a few years to come. That's a nice piece of steel & wood.


Don't worry. Be happy.

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I'm a levergunner

I have put a number of different rifles to use over the years. Like just about everyone else, I've turned my share of bolts. When push comes to shove, the fast handling, quick action, and serious cartridges found in leverguns will always be my first love. Tell me that a handful of 44 magnum rounds wouldn't put a government tyrant, or a crackhead on their heels! Can you tell us how she shoots? What's your favored load?