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Slowest/ fastest loads?
Reason I ask is I shoot indoor steel plate league, one of the guns I shoot is my moonclipped 629 classic with 44 Sp loads, need a light load for a quick cadence. Been using 4.4 tightgroup/ 240 gr plated bullet for just under 700 fps. Dropped it down to a pinch over 4 gr this week, chrono-ed some Friday, had the 240 gr bullet going just a bit over 500 FPS. Still had good grouping at 25 yards. Wonder how much slower a 44Sp can go? See if they still knock steel down tomorrow.

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How Slow?

Gee Al, if you go too slow that bullet will just be rolling out of the barrel and dropping at your feet! What chrony brand are you using? I usually borrow my BIL's when I need one, he's got a Shootin Chrony or something, can't remember exactly the model but it works OK. I worked up my last 45 Colt load to match the Magtech factory Cowboy load and it is nice and mild and accurate. Chris