Cap and Ball Revolver Shooting at the Historic James Farm in Kearney, Mo

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Just 35 miles from Elmer Keith's birthplace in Hardin, Mo is the historic James Farm in Kearney Mo. The James Farm is the birthplace if Frank and Jesse James, as well as the site of the infamous Pinkerton bomb attack in which Zerelda James sammuels lost her arm and her son young Archie Sammuel was killed. Three times a year (April, June, and September) the Friends of the James Farm sponsor a frontier revolver shoot. There are two classes,cap and ball(C&B), and cartridge. Most of the C&B shooters use Colt 1851 Navy style, or 1858 Remington style revolvers. Additional info can be found at There is a great museum there as well as the original James family cabin.

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Great Post!

I don't own a cap and ball revolver but it sure looks like fun. I do have a Hawken 58 cal. that I used to hunt with but I had to retire from it. Chris