A Special Sixgun

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My great grandfather and his bride came to America in the 1890's and stayed in Chicago long enough to have a daughter, my grandmother. They soon moved to Wisconsin and settled on a 360 acre homestead where my grandmother grew up. When she married, her and her husband moved to Upper Michigan where they lived and had daughters, one was my mother. My grandmother told me about her life on the farm when I used to spend summers with her there as she kept it as a summer place when she inherited it. My only remembrance of my great grandfather was as an old man smoking a clay pipe and resting on a sofa at the farm. He died when I was quite young but from the sound of it he was an extraordinary man. My grandmother told of his ventures in farming, owning a bar, owning a butcher shop and being a part-time deputy sheriff when he wasn't off hunting and fishing. She said I got my love of guns and hunting from him. Over the years I spent many memorable times at the farm and was very close to my grandmother since she had raised me as much as my parents. I guess I was kind of a shared project. When my grandmother died I was saddened and knew she would be missed. My aunt told me later that my grandmother wanted her guns to go to me. My grandmother grew up handling guns since living on a farm meant you used every tool to survive whether it was plowing with mules or shooting a deer for winter meat. Grandmother knew I would give the guns a good home and besides several of the guns she gave me had been her fathers. I don't know if this 32 was his deputy sheriff gun or not but I like to remember it that way and that's how it will be remembered. The holster and badge are my contributions but the gun was all his. PS: the grips I made from some walnut from an old stock.