Sixguns Cartridges and Loads

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David LaPell
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I picked up a reprint copy of Sixguns, Cartridges, and Loads by Elmer today at the local gun show. I have been looking for a copy of this gun for a long time, and this one will be a nice read tonight by the wood stove.

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Keith Articles and Books

David, I have saved a few, sadly too few, old G&A articles written by Elmer from the 1968 era up to when he got sick in the 80's. Some of the articles are just gunnotes short items he wrote but several are two and three part series articles on Sixguns, Loads for Sixguns, and a nice series on Handguns where he discusses SA, DA and Semi-Autos in pretty straight forward terms. Another series is on the Return of the Single Action. Most of the articles are his comments on hunting, bullets and loads for everything from pronghorn to grizzly. I have spent many times browsing through these old articles and never tire of them. That's a great book find you made. Chris