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Colt PythonIn 1967 I was stationed in Galveston, TX and used to go to the range with a buddy to shoot his 357 Smith & Wesson revolver. I had a 22 Colt Scout at home but no revolver with me there. My friend showed me a sportshop in Houston where he frequented and I decided to buy a 357 Ruger Blackhawk. I soon realized the Blackhawk and I weren't seeing eye to eye since it seemed to belch fire and lead out the sides when I shot it. Back to the sportshop and some dickering with the owner who solved my problem with a Colt Python 357 new in the box. He took back the Ruger and gave me the new gun for the differenvce in price, which meant the Colt cost me about $125.00. The prior revolver had been used, apparently heavily! The Python was adream come true. It was supurbly accurate and locked up nice and tight and the only lead and fire it belched was out of the barrel like it was supposed to. Over the years the Python has done it's share of target shooting and also some modest small game hunting and it has always performed admirably. Today it wears some imitation ivory grips but it has others if need be. If you ever get a chance to get a Python don't pass it up.Image

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try image upload

Imagehere's the procedure that seems to work,
1.)browse/ upload
2.)insert button
3.) preview button (I guess we are stuck with this for a while)
4.)save button.
I set the default "scale" to 640, actually not a scale but width in pixels, it can be changed by user.
640 is about half the width of the average screen, any larger doesen't fit well, smaller OK.
Chris, your photos are about 800K to 900k, about 28" wide or 2400 pixels. Scaling to 640 fixes the display, but if you have a way to resize them to about 640X480, or aout 8" X 6", your upload performance (and others viewing load time)would improve about 4X.
Thanks again with the troubleshooting help.